Career & College Counseling for High School Students

Planning for your future is one of the most critical tasks in one’s life, whether for college or a new career. The proper attention, focus, and time are necessary. Getting a professional to help you through this process is the right decision.

Together we develop a plan to help you move beyond procrastination, frustration, and confusion. When your mind is racing with too many different ideas and options, it can become challenging to settle on a good decision. Seeking assistance from a professional may be the best thing you do towards planning for your future.



Acing the Interview

Interviewing for jobs has taken a different direction, and you will likely find yourself on a phone interview or conducting a virtual interview. No worries, you can ace this.

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Research the company
  • Be ready and prepared to talk about how your experience relates to the job
  • Research common interview questions and have prepared answers (not rehearsed)
  • Be energetic with a positive, upbeat attitude that shines through whether you are on        the phone or virtual
  • Use a mirror to practice (checking your clothing selection, posture, and smile)
  • Don’t rush your answers; take time to pause in between sentences
  • Be honest, natural, and don’t talk too much
  • Critique of clothing, background, posture
  • Practice questions and answers
  • Review of resume
  • Tips on how to be engaging, practice being engaging
  • Work on tone, energy, and attitude
  • Practice smiling and projecting
  • Practice being relaxed and prepared


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