College/ Career Counseling

Planning for your future whether it be for college or a new career is one the most important decisions an individual will make, so you need to give it proper attention, focus and time.  My job is to help you through this process by ensuring you check all the critical boxes so you end up in a place where you’re happy and thriving.

Together we develop a plan to help you move beyond procrastination, frustration or simple confusion. When your mind is racing with so many difference ideas and options, it’s difficult to settle on a decision.  Seeking assistance from a professional may be helpful if you find you consistantly get stuck.

I can assist you with

  • Making better choices so you’re happy, successful and able to achieve the dream you have for yourself.
  • Help you settle the racing thoughts in your head, so your choices are sound and rational
  • Selecting the best school or career path based on your interest and goals
  • Making a good decision and feeling confident about the process and the journey ahead
  • Understanding FASFA and other financial aid that’s available
  • Helping you prepare for that first job interview and nailing it,  how about “YOUR HIRED”.

Exploring your options

Just as no two people are affected by the same circumstances, there are no completely universal strategies, no one fits all formula.   When we work together you receive a unique experience tailored to your individual needs.  Our sessions are strictly confidential. We can meet in my office, by phone or face to face on the internet.  You choose what works best for your schedule.


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