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At Times We All Need Some Therapy!

Why Everyone Could Benefit From Counseling…

Whether it comes down to people who live in rural, suburban or huge metropolitan areas such as NYC, Chicago or LA, stress becomes an inevitability and something that we all have no choice but to deal with at some point in our lives.  Stress is a normal occurrence, prolonged stress is not.

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We Can Do Great Things With A Little Counseling

About Yvette

My passion is to help young men make better choices by connecting with their true self, their gifts, inner power and leadership abilities.  To help individuals move beyond self-doubt, and the inability to properly express their true desires, dreams and aspirations, is a rewarding experience.  It's akin to giving a person a new way of being, a more abundant and beautiful self.

Through various channels, our society is messaging the belief that masculine traits when expressed by men are negative or bad.  This harmful rhetoric distorts and confuses appropriate and inappropriate male behavior.  This ambiguity is crippling our boys and young men and leaving  them with feelings of  uncertainty, unhappiness, and a lack of confidence.  The old male chauvinistic behavior isn't the answer and never way.

Just as we see women changing, so are men, and for the better.   It has become imperative that we provide support and encouragement for our boys and young men, to use their voice and power to own their maleness and their role in our society in a positive way.   I have been successfully working with boys and young men for over twelve years aiding them in making better choices, and decisions that resonant with who they truly are and were meant to be.

I have a deep and abiding interest in how a young man's perception of self and behavior impact his sense of well-being and how he relates to others and the world around him.  Strong confident leaders with integrity, compassion and intelligence is critical to the sustainability of our communities and nation as a whole.   A positive and meaningful perception can be difficult to find among the recent displays of inappropriate male behavior, so our boys and young men must seek out the correct male role models and find within themselves their true nature.

I believe the goal of counseling and coaching is to increase both psychological and spiritual wholeness, and this can only be accomplished in a trusting environment.  I have a unique practice where I utilize meditation, a mindfulness-based approach and a process called Inquiry, to aid young men in connecting with their true self, which is kind, thoughtful, loving, strong, brave, and sensitive.  My ultimate goal is to have young men acquire the success and happiness they seek.

I have proven success in the convenience of on-line counseling, so if my office in Chester is too far for you to travel, we can meet face to face on-line or by phone.  Looking forward to providing assistance.   Sincerely, Yvette



    Again, I thank you for the service you provided. John is at the University of Mary Eastern Shore. Although it was for a relatively short period, I am sure it helped. If I come across friends or family who can benefit from your guidance, I will be certain to recommend you.

Thomas, Mother

I was all over the place not knowing if I wanted to stay in state, live at home, go to a small school, a large school. I guess I wasn’t ready to settle down to put it all together. I appreciate your patience and support because I was running out of time, took some time…

Fable, High School Student

I thought I might be wasting my time working on a vision statement and completing an interest and job skills assessment, but the outcome was right on. I am longer procrastinating and second guessing my decisions. I’m more focused and confident in my decisions. I no longer feel as if I’m trying to please my…

Quinn, College Student

I liked how in depth and personal the things were that we covered. It helped me to see the problems I was having and how to fix them. The sessions were positive and beneficial. I learned at lot about myself and my values, which has helped me and will continue to help me excel in…

Jake, College Student

I appreciate very much that Yvette helped my son through a very difficult relationship. He is no longer depressed and can focus on his college work and his future.

Difficult Relationship

We are very satisfied with how Yvette took time to understand both my son and daughter’s interest as they began planning for colleges.  Finding the best college for a child is a lengthy process, because you just want your children to be happy.  Yvette honestly made it a lot easier for everyone. I can’t thank her…

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