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If the doom and gloom news has gotten the best of your normally upbeat outlook, or you are suffering as a result of the Corona-virus.  You will qualify for a special reduced rate that I am offering to new clients only.  Fear,  anxiety, worry and sadness can be hazardous your health and those around you.

Counseling, coaching, and meditation are tools used to help improve physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.  It’s important to find a trusting, safe and supportive environment where you can truly express thoughts and feeling without judgement, and be heard and appreciated.  You can reach out to me at anytime, by Chat, Skype, E-mail or Phone.

Try to find peace and joy in each day.

Yvette Long, MA
908 566-0145
Certified Counselor, Psychologist
Meditation Specialist, Life Coach

Rate: $125 to $175

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