The seemingly mounting problems and uncertainty that’s currently sweeping our society is causing a great deal of frustration, anxiety, self-doubt and stress.  As a psychologist and counselor who helps individuals manage stress, several of my clients have experienced success when following the suggestions mentioned below.

My suggested tips

  • Halt the frequency to which you watch the news/ a turn to social media
  • Find a project that you’ve been meaning to get to and start to work (nothing is more destructive than an idle mind).
  • Keep busy with fun activities
  • Try meditating twice per day (It can be as simple as finding a quiet place to sit still, thinking of nothing other than nature, a beautiful aroma, the ebb and flow of the oceans, or focus on the rhythm of your breath.  Working your way up to 10 minutes per session.
  • Find the opportunity, better yet, make the opportunity to exercise and to enjoy time outdoors.
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Get immersed in a captivating book

It’s when you’re in that state of negative thinking, worry, and fear that a lack of strong resolve can put you at risk for anxiety attacks, depression, moodiness, or regret.  Sometimes you may need a professional counselor to provide a different perspective or a clearer vision.  Try the suggestions mentioned above and give them a fair chance to lift your spirits and positively transform your state of mind.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the change that occurs.

Exploring other treatment options

No two people are affected exactly the same way by a crises, anxiety, or life transitions.  Accept who you are and what works or doesn’t work for you.  If you conclude you need outside support and it’s time to talk to a professional, don’t be discouraged.  Good luck and stay positive.


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