Improving Communication Skills For a Better Connection
Connecting on any level has tremendous value

With the current COVID pandemic lurking in the background, connecting has become more of a challenge than ever.

Relationship expert Harville Hendrix has a few suggestions

You can actually learn to get along better with others, mend broken connections and discover new ones.

5 Strategies To Improve Communication

1. Talk Without Criticizing.

2. Listen Without Judging.

3. Connect Around and Beyond Differences.

4. Remove Negativity.

5. Express Affirmations.

Most importantly be kind, thoughtful and show compassion towards one another.  Be helpful if you can, and be honest without being negative

or judgmental.  There shouldn’t be conflict in the early stages, but if it arises don’t necessarily view it as a negative, as long as the issue doesn’t affect your core values

in life, remember, everyone disagrees now and then.  As long as you are able to reconnect after a disagreement, it’s a good sign and an indication that a real connection is or may be brewing.

Good look and don’t stop connecting, it’s good for your emotional and physical heath.