Creating a Sense of Balance in Uncertain Times.

Is it possible to maintain a sense of balance when your life seems to be revolving around the ever changing pandemic crisis.

The challenge is balancing the need for control in your life, when seemingly you have very little of it left.  You are being told when to work, when to go shopping and it goes on and on. Where do you find an escape.  This is a questions we are all asking ourselves.  We’re confined to our homes.  Some of us may have more space than others, but we are still confined with few choices.  What’s happening to our freedoms and liberty.  It’s best not to get ourselves to wrapped up in thoughts we can’t control.

For now, the better choice is to get as much fresh air and exercise as possible.  Try to break up your day and routine, so you feel some sense of balance and control.  Change your thoughts  and distance yourself from the constant COVID-19 updates and sound bites.

Remember the joys in life.  Some cities are beginning to open up, so get out to the parks and be in a different environment.  You can always venture out beyond the normal places people are going.  Go for a hike.  There are many ways to bring comfort and encouragement into your life.  You can make it simple by setting up a relaxed place in your home.  I always encourage trying meditation.  Meditation requires discipline, but since you have the time why not work on trying to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes twice per day.   This is a perfect time to hone in an practice activities that may take more of your time, as now you have that extra time.

Try getting on the phone and instead of texting, talk to your friends and family or face-time them on Skype, Zoom or some other platform.

There is a need to create new ways to find balance.