How to overcome bad habits? How to get rid from bad habits?
Bad habits are among the worst of life interruptions, as they become obstacles to achieving your ambitions and desires. They block the normal mental, physical and emotional stages that one passes normally, sapping your energy and time. The task is to complete removal this self-created obstacle to a better life with good habits.  It does take time and you are likely to false on your first few attempts but the effort and a stick with it attitude will bring you through it. Bad habit have a way of overwhelming your world and ridding your life of balance.  Since balance is the key to a happy and fulfilling life, your efforts directed at eliminating bad habits will be well work the time and hard work.  Here are some points to consider with breaking bad habits.
  1. Examining the behavior or habit you are going to change and come to turns with the fact that this behavior done more harm to your life than it’s worth.
  2. Identify the triggers
  3. Plot a strategy to deal with trigger ( this is essential)
  4. Developing a replacement plan/activity that will keep you busy and your mind focused on your goal
  5. Change your existing patterns and routines
  6. Get a support partner to cheer you on
  7. Reward yourself along the way (little accomplishments are worth celebrating)
  8. Remain patient and persistent, all the while sticking to your plan
By working on these points, whatever bad habits that’s plaguing you will eventually be distance memory.