• Communicate better with adults
  • With friends, classmates and colleagues
  • In one to one relationships
  • On the job/ during a business transaction

If getting along better with others is an interest or need of yours, there is help available.  Many individuals struggle horribly with relating to others and unnecessarily miss out on great job opportunities and more lasting relationships. I address different components of communicating, this month it’s empathy.


What is Empathy?

Empathy is your ability to relate to others.  Are you relating well to those around you?  What is your emotional intelligence barometer?  Men have the ability to express their emotions and to express empathy towards other, but often they don’t bother.  It could be laziness or simply an area they wish not to explore, as it’s not in their comfort zone.

Empathy is a powerful tool for building strong relationships

Empathy is being sensitive to the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others.  Your ability to be empathetic can be a useful tool when you’re looking to understand or to please a potential mate.  Women love to feel understood and they often equate it how well you empathize with their feelings and actions.

You have to almost be able to put yourself in their shoes at that moment as a way to relate to what the other person is experiencing.

Men might shy away from empathy for the fear of seeming to wish-y wash-y or weak.  It might help to know that having empathy is a sign of emotional intelligence (EQ).  Think of as it an important trait that you want to improve upon.  A skill that will benefit you not only romantically but also in your career and social encounters.   You will also see improvement in understanding you own personal landscape.

Once you are able to take off your self-centered goggles and step into the world of others, you will to see your communication skills and relationships improve.