Healing Through Meditation

Both adults and children struggle with stress, information overload, and compounding problems that overwhelm the mind, body and spirit leaving an aftermath of sadness, depression, loneliness, and fatigue.

This unresolved conflict, anger, feelings of hopeless and emotional wear and tear can leave you with the inability to interact with your peers, accept the love you need, or be at your best self.

The task is to be in the right frame of mind so you are capable of making the best choice giving the circumstances.  When your mind is at peace and feel more balanced, you are able to better deal with your daily routines, you make better choices.   Your interactions with others are more genuine, kind-hearted and connected.  You think clearer and your decisions are more rational.

The uniquely styled meditation technique  I have developed incorporates my experiences as a counselor coupled with my  learning and ten years of helping individual reach their potential.  Being guided through a process of quieting the mind and dealing with hidden emotional baggage, pain, grief and disappointment, is a refreshing step towards being able to function more normally.

Meditation is a skill that can be taught to a group or an individual, helping to rid the mind of the chatter and distracting thoughts associated with hurt, anger, sadness,  fear, or disappointment.  A relaxed state of mind even for short periods of time per day, bring long-term benefits, resulting in feelings of enhanced emotional well-being,lending to happier relationships, increased concentration, and better performance.   It is from this state that other methods can me explored, such as cognitive -behavioral balancing, self-awareness, and journaling.