Why Anyone Needs Therapy…

Managing Stress is important for excellent long-term mental health

About Yvette

I specialize in helping young men and individuals struggling to manage stress. By removing the barriers that hold you back and keep you imprisoned in sadness and unhappiness, you can experience the freedom that comes from letting go of the past, the angry, the hurt, and the frustration. You can begin to enjoy life again. We all know we make better choices when we are less frazzled and stressed, and we are more enjoyable to be around.

I believe the goal of counseling and coaching is to increase both psychological and spiritual wholeness, and this can only be accomplished in a trusting environment.  I have a unique practice where I utilize meditation, a mindfulness-based approach and a process called Inquiry, to aide young men and individuals in seeing the beauty around them, and connecting with their true kind, thoughtful, loving, intelligent, brave, and sensitive self.  I am goal oriented and work with my clients to achieve a more stress free life style.

If stress is interfering with your ability to be at your best on the job, at home or in social situations, it may be time to seek help. Feel free to reach out to me by email or phone.p>   


    Again, I thank you for the service you provided. John is at the University of Mary Eastern Shore. Although it was for a relatively short period, I am sure it helped. If I come across friends or family who can benefit from your guidance, I will be certain to recommend you.

Thomas, Mother