Why Therapy is of Benefit…

Managing Stress is important for excellent long-term mental health

About Yvette

Yvette specializes in helping young men and individuals struggling to manage stress and other life challenges, by removing the nagging and unnecessary negative chatter and thoughts that keep you imprisoned in sadness, loneliness, fear, and unhappiness.

Once you get help to change your thoughts and outlook, you can experience the freedom that comes from letting go of the past, the angry, hurt, worry, regret, and fear. As individuals, we often think we need to make sacrifices to have a successful career or relationship, or that we are being unjustly punished or tortured. This simply isn't true.

Some may think Corona-virus(COVID-19) is a virus being allowed to punish mankind for his/her evil and selfish ways.  It's critical to turn these negative thoughts and behavior into energy that allows you get in touch with who you are, your true nature your better self.  If you could rid your life of negative thinking, harmful stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity.  When you break it down, we are each incredibly talented with a great deal of love, compassion, and motivation, with the ability to get the things we need and want.

The tendency is to wait until a crisis, like Corona virus(COVID-19) before we seek help.  It's best to get help before disaster obvious, and this begins with a simple no-obligation conversation.



    Again, I thank you for the service you provided. John is at the University of Mary Eastern Shore. Although it was for a relatively short period, I am sure it helped. If I come across friends or family who can benefit from your guidance, I will be certain to recommend you.

Thomas, Mother